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honorific / почетный, выражающий почтение, почтительный
имя прилагательное
honorable, honorary, honorific, honourable
выражающий почтение
respectful, dutiful, reverent, deferential, reverential, honorific
имя существительное
почтительное обращение
имя прилагательное
(of an office or position) given as a mark of respect, but having few or no duties.
Thus, in the case of an honorific status, no powers are associated with it, according to him.
имя существительное
a title or word implying or expressing high status, politeness, or respect.
he will be able to put the honorific after his name: licenciado , “college graduate.”
Those with titles of nobility, honorific titles, academic titles, and other professional titles prefer to be addressed by those titles, but like people to avoid calling too much attention to a person's position.
His son, Kim Jong Il, fought off a number of contenders before being announced as successor, and has earned himself the honorific title of ‘Dear Leader’.
‘Buddha’ is a not a personal name but an honorific title which means ‘awakened one’.
A doctor who stands around and lets a patient die over money does not deserve the honorific .
Although a mother, grandmother and widow, Rizza gets angry when addressed as ‘Ibu’, the standard Indonesian honorific for women of her status.
For no especially good reason, I tend to jump right in with the first name if the person is actually in my field, but use an honorific for someone in another discipline.
The ‘little’ was the traditional honorific indicating that the kid was a prodigy.
On arrival at the home of the bereaved, the orator representing the visitors stands outside the hut, addresses the dead person with an honorific string of titles, and then speaks to everyone present.
At least he hadn't corrected my use of the masculine honorific .
On the flip side, though, it's a nearly infallible sign of personality problems when a PhD insists on the honorific ‘Dr.’