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honorarium / гонорар
имя существительное
fee, honorarium, terms, term
имя существительное
a payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge.
Some of it goes straight to individuals in the form of consulting fees, contracts, honoraria , and salaries.
She expects to be paid expenses and possibly a small honorarium .
His 2002 income was $921,000, which includes a one-time honorarium of $600,000.
Another innovation was that both the faculty editors and the contributing authors were paid an honorarium .
Committee members are paid allowances and in some instances a small honorarium .
In recognition of his humanitarian services Sahara India Group has recently given him an honorarium .
Actually I worked summer jobs like students do today and I was a school board chair who didn't receive a salary, just an honorarium .
The outcry was such that he was reinstated, as a retired emeritus professor - more importantly, with an honorarium attached.
Both authors have received honoraria for speaking at lectures, consultancy fees, and grant support from a number of companies that produce, or are developing, pharmacological treatments for obesity.
Although he became fairly wealthy, he offered his services either for no pay or for mere honoraria .
The guidelines define financial interests that should be disclosed as any fees, honoraria , or gifts associated with consulting or lectures; equity, including stock options; and payments for directorships or executive roles.