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honor / честь, слава, почет
имя существительное
honor, credit, privilege, distinction, honour
glory, fame, reputation, honor, renown, kudos
honor, kudos, worship, distinction, aureola, aureole
honors, honor, laurels, laurel, honour
reverence, respect, respects, honor, esteem, homage
honor, honour
honor, respect, revere, venerate, hallow, honour
observe, keep, respect, abide by, honor, keep up
perform, carry out, fulfill, execute, do, honor
esteem, honor, worship, revere, respect, reverence
имя существительное
high respect; esteem.
his portrait hangs in the place of honor
a privilege.
the great poet of whom it is my honor to speak tonight
a woman's chastity or her reputation for this.
she died defending her honor
an ace, king, queen, or jack.
There are five honours , viz: - Ace, King, Queen, Knave and Ten, if trumps are declared.
regard with great respect.
Joyce has now learned to honor her father's memory
fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).
make sure the franchisees honor the terms of the contract
The Democrats must take the lead in committing themselves to honor those obligations.
Baptist spirituality takes to heart the divine command to honor father and mother, and to reverence gray hairs.
Talking is one thing, but we expect people to honor obligations.
Children who attend public schools honor the national flag and sing the national anthem every Monday morning.
make sure the franchisees honor the terms of the contract
They often honor their guests by serving them a cooked sheep's head.
Tonight, we honor the commitment and sacrifice of all the men and women who have served this country.
Even if a new political party comes to power, it will continue to honor the liabilities incurred by its predecessor.
It's largely because the U.N. has focused more on expanding membership than on finding ways to ensure that corporations honor their commitments.
she died defending her honor