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honk / сигналить, кричать
honk, beep
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, honk
имя существительное
крик диких гусей
автомобильный гудок
honk, blare
сигнал автомобиля
имя существительное
the cry of a wild goose.
Goats bleated occasionally, chickens clucked and honks from geese could be heard sometimes.
make or cause to make a honk.
taxi drivers honking their horns
One only took notice of them when they came back sloshed on Saturday nights and honked on the stairs.
I smiled and walked over to her when I heard another honk .
With a double honk of the car horn, they sped away.
Cars passing by honk their support to the couples in line.
When a goose is flying in formation its call is a slow, measured honk .
Far away, he heard a honk , but a car was nowhere in sight.
Occasionally she would hear a loud honk and screech, followed by cars roaring away again.
Reacting slowly, the car let out a honk that sounded like a truck horn, and started screeching to a stop.
Just as she said goodbye, he heard a honk in his driveway.
My mother would give a gentle honk of the car horn to indicate that we had arrived and Granny Perin would be at the door to greet us.
They heard the honk of a large truck behind them.