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honeysuckle / жимолость
имя существительное
honeysuckle, woodbine, woodbind
имя существительное
a widely distributed climbing shrub with tubular flowers that are typically fragrant and of two colors or shades, opening in the evening for pollination by moths.
Depending on the season and sunlight, it could be honeysuckles , wisteria, roses, orchids, or buddleias.
We walked down the path to the house, attracted by the fragrance of the honeysuckle with which it was covered.
Old shrubs, such as spiraea, forsythia, lilac, and honeysuckle , often become overgrown and full of crowded stems and dead wood.
The evergreen ivy is a rippling carpet, the twining honeysuckle a living basketry texture.
The woods were thick with new leaves and fragrant with honeysuckle and lilacs.
Japanese honeysuckle is widely recognized as a problematic invasive species throughout the region.
On walls, you should plant nectar-rich honeysuckle , wisteria and Ceanothus.
Visitors to the garden will notice juniper, ash, walnut, mountain ash and beech trees as well as jasmine, honeysuckle , lilac, lilies and tulips.
We stayed away from pretty but non-native invasive plants like purple loosestrife and Japanese honeysuckle .
We chose 3 varieties of thyme to put in the edges of the raised bed and 3 climbing plants to fill the trellis by the gate - two ivies and a honeysuckle .
He said his favourite flower in the whole garden was the honeysuckle .