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honeymoon / медовый месяц
имя существительное
медовый месяц
проводить медовый месяц
имя существительное
a vacation spent together by a newly married couple.
romantic hand-holding breakfasts together on their honeymoon
spend a honeymoon.
they are honeymooning in the south of France
We didn't even have a honeymoon period after he came.
Believing them to be a young couple on their honeymoon the Carrolls offered to change places with them but the couple declined.
The couple visited New York and Florida on their honeymoon .
This was his favorite picture; it was taken on their honeymoon .
The couple, who spent two weeks in Italy on their honeymoon , are planning a blessing service later in the year.
That will certainly help him during his honeymoon period.
Even when he was enjoying a honeymoon period in the job in the early months of the season, O'Leary was sensitive about his image and that of his players.
The honeymoon period didn't last very long for the new manager - but in football it never does.
The happy couple are presently on honeymoon in Florida.
they were on honeymoon