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honeycomb / соты, медовые соты, раковины
имя существительное
медовые соты
имя прилагательное
cellular, honeycomb, alveolar, cellulate, meshy
honeycomb, eat away, sharpen up
hole, make a hole in, honeycomb
riddle, honeycomb
имя существительное
a structure of hexagonal cells of wax, made by bees to store honey and eggs.
The surplus is stored away in the honeycomb to sustain the bees throughout the flowerless months of autumn and winter.
a structure of adjoining cavities or cells.
a honeycomb of caves
tripe from the second stomach of a ruminant.
Tripe comes in four types; the fat part of the first belly and three different section of honeycomb from the second stomach.
fill with cavities or tunnels.
whole hillsides were honeycombed with mines
Sometimes she brought home honeycomb , dripping with sweet golden stickiness, gained by climbing the hollow tree and raking it out of the hive, risking the wild bees' anger.
This mesh looks a bit like a honeycomb , with spaces between the different parts.
chocolate crepes topped with crunchy honeycomb
Sometimes the entire face of the stone can be lost leaving a honeycomb of cement mortar standing proud, forming a water trap and increasing the risk of frost damage.
Next we could pose for a picture while holding a honeycomb full of bees.
Using a method thousands of years old, he takes the honeycomb from swarming, bee-infested hives, and believe it or not, he does it with just his bare hands.
The honeycomb texture is recessed rather than raised, and is available in a wide range of colours from rich vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens to more unexpected pastel shades.
‘When councillors sit in there, they may well be unaware they are surrounded by a honeycomb of passageways,’ said Matthew Stephenson from Yorkwalk.
The whole place stank of sulphur and the terrain, full of rocky ridges, caves, and deep ravines, was a honeycomb of concrete and steel.
With its honeycomb of medieval streets, the centre of York has struggled to come to terms with growth of motor traffic over the last 50 years.