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honey / мед, милая, милый
имя существительное
honey, mead
sweet, dear, honey, dear heart, dona
dear, sweet, honey, sugar, dear heart
darling, honey, dove, dearie, deary, duck
ducky, honey, dearie, dove, sugar, deary
имя прилагательное
cute, dear, nice, sweet, darling, honey
flatter, cajole, adulate, toady, compliment, honey
говорить вкрадчиво
suck up, fawn, honey, make up, smarm, carry favor
имя существительное
a sweet, sticky, yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers.
I was intrigued with how they gathered pollen and nectar from flowers to make honey .
an excellent example of something.
it's one honey of an adaptation
Although they are very sour they do make a delicious pie if mixed with blackberries and sweetened with honey .
The chimps spend about six hours a day looking for food and have a varied diet of leaves, fruits, insects, honey and even fungi.
A slender man with burnt honey skin and almond eyes grinned and gave Tala a welcoming bow.
The bees convert the nectar to honey within the hive.
Whenever he's actually being serious about something, he uses my real name or the occasional honey or darling.
From here he could already see the tiny beads of sweat beginning to accumulate across her brow and collar bone, making her soft golden honey skin glisten in the light.
On your cereal, try brown sugar, maple syrup, honey , cinnamon, dates or raisins instead of white sugar.
There were sarongs that brought out Rachel's eyes, sarongs that matched her hair, even a few that matched the subtle honey undertones in her skin.
Some women, for example, may expect that their honey will handle everything.
Abasi and Raiden turned towards the sound to see a tall man with coal black hair, turquoise eyes, and honey skin the color of a light tan.