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honesty / честность, правдивость, лунник
имя существительное
honesty, integrity, fairness, probity, honor, uprightness
truthfulness, truth, veracity, honesty, verity, trueness
lunik, honesty
имя существительное
the quality of being honest.
they spoke with convincing honesty about their fears
a European plant with purple or white flowers and round, flat, translucent seedpods that are used for indoor flower arrangements.
Honesty flowers early in the year and provides nectar for early butterflies such as the orange tip.
Several recent books and a documentary have questioned his honesty and integrity.
Looking up at the large, unfriendly face, McBeath decided this was not the moment for honesty .
Particularly upsetting was the fact that our integrity and honesty was being called into question.
Staff and colleagues expect a very high level of integrity and honesty in their leaders.
Sophie's honesty and frankness about her personal life and experiences is amazing.
Every person has a responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness.
He always seems to bring an amount of honesty to his characters that make them seem real and sincere.
The consequence is that qualities such as honesty and integrity matter substantially more.
they spoke with convincing honesty about their fears
Common honesty is grown partly for its fragrant bright flowers in spring and early summer, but also for its unique oval and translucent seed-heads, much coveted by dried-flower arrangers.