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honestly / честно, искренне, правдиво
fair, honestly, fairly, faithfully, straight, in good faith
sincerely, genuinely, truly, honestly, heartily, outspokenly
true, truly, truthfully, honestly
in a truthful, fair, or honorable way.
he'd come by the money honestly
used to emphasize the sincerity of an opinion, belief, or feeling.
she honestly believed that she was making life easier for Jack
I'll tell you that most agents act honestly , professionally and ethically.
she honestly believed that she was making life easier for Jack
I found the images truly sickening and I honestly could not believe that you would decide to publish them.
While it was a very tough decision, quite honestly , I really didn't have much choice.
But none of us can honestly say how we would deal with that type of situation.
I honestly believe that lottery money will be forthcoming but I cannot say to what level.
Until then I honestly believed that I would never forgive my mother.
I honestly believe that it wasn't just an attack on America, although it happened here in America.
We still have not seen a depiction of these events that can deal honestly with the real history.
Oh honestly , was that really necessary?