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homonym / омоним, однофамилец, тезка
имя существительное
homonym, person bearing the same surname
namesake, homonym
имя существительное
each of two or more words having the same spelling but different meanings and origins (e.g., pole 1 and pole 2 ) ; a homograph.
What exactly are the differences between synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms ?
This is clearly an error as Miller and Gurley's younger name could not have priority over Meek and Worthen's older name, unless it was a replacement name for a homonym .
Rhett Miller is king of the homonym and double meaning.
There is one obligatory element of the New Year's feast all over China, and that is a whole fish, because the Chinese phrase ‘have fish’ (you yu) is a homonym of ‘have surplus’, so eating it is supposed to augur well for the new year.
When my first-grader Clare typed in ‘rows’ for ‘rose,’ the device did not recognize the homonym .
In 1895 C.S. Sargent assigned it the name R. michauxii to correct Michaux's use of a homonym and to honor its discoverer.
Of course, the difficulty here is to provide a list that is as comprehensive as it is unambiguous, which is nearly impossible given homonymous words such as 'like' (verb, adverb, preposition and conjunction).
Official codes of nomenclature continue to enforce this rule - one name, one species - although rooting out synonyms and homonyms is a constant struggle.
But, beyond that, homonymy seems to have been, even for Plato, no more than a source of ambiguity for wordplay.
You may have noticed that homonymy and polysemy are very similar.
Though as Dave Heasman points out far too often, I still mix up homonyms .