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homologous / гомологический, соответственный
имя прилагательное
respective, corresponding, accordant, correspondent, relative, homologous
имя прилагательное
having the same relation, relative position, or structure, in particular.
The Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology, in collaboration with the Spanish homologous society, is organizing the 9th Luso-Spanish Plant Physiology Congress and the 16th Meeting of the Spanish Society of Plant Physiology.
Because of these regularities, the members of each group are known as a homologous series.
Structures normally found at the nonmutant leaf edge are absent from the affected region of the mutant leaf and leaf homologous organs.
It's a homologous structure found in both fish and tetrapods.
Such homologous series can provide the basis for a rational classification of sulfosalts.
Pairing of homologous chromosomes is confirmed in the mutant strain.
Chemically they are classed as alcohols, which are representative of a homologous series.
Moreover, the level of amino acid sequence divergence between homologous proteins is relatively low, allowing us to gauge the patterns of amino acid substitution.
The effort, in part, is to determine whether academic institutions are homologous with organizations in other fields.
In certain primal traditions, the maze or labyrinth played a homologous role to that of the sacred wilderness area - in fact, the two may have been indistinguishable.
This interaction is thought to be necessary for the proper pairing and segregation of homologous chromosomes during the first meiotic division.