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homogenous / однородный, гомогенный
имя прилагательное
homogeneous, uniform, smooth, intimate, congeneric, self
имя прилагательное
of the same kind; alike.
timbermen prefer to deal with homogeneous woods
The blogosphere is not a uniform, homogenous place, operating according to universal rules and expectations.
I like wholesome, homogenous , peaceful surroundings and amenable people.
Record companies have churned out homogenous rubbish for years now and still refuse to take direct responsibility for plummeting CD sales.
What is more, for all its apparent diversity and variety, Indian culture was homogenous .
Ketchup is the ubiquitous bland sauce, a homogenous product that lacks any variety.
Is this sphere of culture so cohesive and homogenous that it can be appropriated and molded the way anyone wants?
The country's population, over four-fifths Russian, was more ethnically homogenous than that of Spain or the UK.
As far as the US market is concerned, the company is approaching it on a cautious basis, and is not treating it as a single homogenous market.
Chromosome 1 presented an entirely homogenous chromatin condensation pattern in both arms.
Since when have African cultures become homogenous ?