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homogenize / гомогенизировать
subject (milk) to a process in which the fat droplets are emulsified and the cream does not separate.
homogenized milk
make uniform or similar.
The flip side is that Zambian society has become more homogenized .
How terribly homogenized , predictable and boring we've all become.
Add the cream - as it is homogenised , it will not curdle.
It represents a steady homogenization of the many farming cultures developed over the centuries in response to local conditions.
Now, of course the story is different, multiculturalism and difference is ideologically favored over homogenization .
Milk may be homogenized to stop the cream from rising to the top.
Unlike most milk it is standardised, not homogenised , which means that you still get a proper ‘top of the milk’ like the milkman used to deliver.
Multiculturalism is a part of oneself, one's own society, no matter how homogenized the society may be.
Embryogenic tissues were homogenized to a fine powder in liquid nitrogen.
What we're watching here, it appears, is the homogenization of textbooks.
The old bands couldn't compete with the new bands - technology let every band sound like they had an orchestra at their command - and yet, all the new music was so homogenized .