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hominy / мамалыга
имя существительное
имя существительное
coarsely ground corn used to make grits.
hominy grits
Some varieties of corn were processed into hominy by boiling the kernels in a weak lye solution of hardwood ashes and water.
Someone raised in New York would be much more likely to agree that catfish and hominy are Southern foods.
Oddly, his brother invites him to stay at the farm, but we can tell that he's there for more than hominy grits and southern fried chicken.
We buy the grain, mostly shell corn and hominy - a high-energy, high-starch ration.
This dish combines hominy corn with beans and spices.
I was up at 5:00 or 5:30 going out to the smokehouse for ham, cooking hominy grits, and making biscuits.
It combines Hispanic influences, from the Mexican soup menudo, made with tripe, hominy , and chili powder, with Italian elements, adding cheese and garlic to the soup.
Made with beef tripe and hominy , this Mexican soup is often flavored with garlic, onions, and dried chilies.
He often prepared dishes that he and Becky had discovered in their nomadic hippie days in Mexico, and I still get weak-kneed just thinking of his roasted Coca-Cola chicken with hominy and his boiled yucca with olive oil and sea salt.
The entrées were boiled pork and beef, roast beef, mutton chops, and goose, while side dishes included hominy , cabbage, potatoes, and fried tripe.