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homing / наведение, привод, возвращение домой
имя существительное
homing, steering
drive, driving, gear, transmission, gearing, homing
возвращение домой
homecoming, homing
обратный путь
return, homing
имя прилагательное
homing, self-directed
driving, driven, homing
возвращающийся домой
homing, homeward-bound
имя прилагательное
relating to an animal's ability to return to a place or territory after traveling a distance away from it.
a strong homing instinct
(of an animal) return by instinct to its territory after leaving it.
a dozen geese homing to their summer nesting grounds
move or be aimed toward (a target or destination) with great accuracy.
more than 100 missiles were launched, homing in on radar emissions
A homing pigeon with a small bar magnet attached to the back of its head takes much longer to fly home!
Fortunately I have the innate navigation abilities of a homing pigeon, so I headed west towards central London.
Over generations of grazing on the same land the flock has developed a homing instinct, which means that they do not stray from their pastures.
One worker at the same site stole diamonds by tying a small bag to a homing pigeon, which would fly the diamonds back to his house.
A flock of homing pigeons soared into the azure sky, dispersing before the gates of the city, each striking towards its own destination.
To see whether they have a homing ability, Boles caught more than 100 lobsters in different locations and transported them for about an hour in various deceptive ways to a test site.
New types of torpedoes were hurried into production, the most important being the Mark 18 electric and the homing types.
Like homing pigeons, some types of amphibious snakes have an unstoppable urge to return home.
The sport of pigeon racing is built around a central mystery: the strange homing instinct of the pigeon.
The romantic image of the homing pigeon using mysterious forces to navigate its way hundreds of miles back to its perch appears to be no such thing.