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homily / проповедь, поучение, нотация
имя существительное
preaching, sermon, message, homily, discourse, gospel
sermon, homily, moral
notation, lecture, lesson, homily, sermon
имя существительное
a religious discourse that is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction; a sermon.
The conclave opens with a Mass of the Holy Spirit, including a key homily stressing the particular challenges facing the next pope.
The next day the Chancellor went to the Mansion House, probably in the same creased suit, and delivered his annual homily on the state of the economy.
Fr. Michael McManus delivered a lovely homily , reflecting on various aspects of Michael's life and his contribution to the life of the parish.
I had seen him on October 22, 1978, in his first homily as pope, admonishing and encouraging the whole of humanity to be not afraid.
In fact, if you read Hebrews aloud, you will quickly recognize how much it resembles an oral proclamation or a stirring homily .
Few Catholics today report that they have ever heard a homily supporting the Church's teaching on any sexual matter, let alone contraception.
she delivered her homily about the need for patience
Such a situation will not be reversed by one hour on Sunday attending Mass and listening to a ten-minute homily .
she delivered her homily about the need for patience
Dawson said his funeral Mass, and as I watched him fight tears during the homily , I realized how profound his contact with my husband had been.
What is wrong is the inability to resist the temptation of delivering a moralistic little homily when someone does take out one of your seductively promoted loans.