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homicide / убийство, убийца
имя существительное
murder, killing, assassination, kill, homicide, manslaughter
killer, murderer, slayer, assassin, gunman, homicide
kill, murder, slay, slaughter, assassinate, homicide
имя существительное
the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.
he was charged with homicide
Men, on the other hand, had been sentenced to prison primarily for serious assault, drugs, homicide , and robbery.
The availability of guns has played a critical role in the increase in juvenile suicide and homicide .
Crimes such as assault, robbery, and homicide are dealt with routinely.
The principal felonies were homicide , rape, theft, burglary, robbery and arson.
Is this death a natural death, or an accidental death, or a death due to homicide or suicide?
She lodged a criminal complaint and the doctor was eventually charged with unintentional homicide .
he was charged with homicide
It didn't take long for the police to arrest her on the charges of double homicide .
He has only been charged with one homicide because that is all that North Carolina will allow.
A person is nearly twice as likely to die by suicide than by homicide in the United States.