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hometown / родной город
имя существительное
the town where one was born or grew up, or the town of one's present fixed residence.
Many residents return to their hometowns during this period and houses will be left unattended and government offices largely unstaffed.
In my hometown of New York City, social circles would surely scoff at such behavior.
Now he has returned to his hometown of Barnsley to be reunited with his sister Steph.
They left their hometowns or villages and came to Mumbai to earn a livelihood, so you can't expect them to just pack up and go back.
Every last Thursday of November, 35 million Americans travel to their hometowns to eat turkey.
They'll be heading abroad or to their hometowns .
Others said they would rent rooms or return to their hometowns .
More than 30 million Koreans are expected to head to their hometowns to spend the celebrated occasion with their close families, relatives, and friends.
In past years they never voted in local elections because they still officially resided in their hometowns in Oaxaca.
This period is, according to Chinese tradition, a time for family gatherings, when people should all head back to their hometowns for New Year's Eve.
And so, the Saidiman family will be among the millions of travelers who will pour out of the big cities on the way to their hometowns .