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homestead / усадьба, ферма, участок
имя существительное
farmstead, homestead, place, seat, barton, steading
farm, girder, ranch, homestead, framework, grange
site, area, region, sector, piece, homestead
имя существительное
a house, especially a farmhouse, and outbuildings.
All spent idyllic summers visiting their widowed grandmother, Emma Darwin, at Down House, the old homestead in the Kent countryside.
a person's or family's residence, which comprises the land, house, and outbuildings, and in most states is exempt from forced sale for collection of debt.
Station homesteads were thus widely scattered and invariably placed alongside the most abundant and reliable water sources.
(as provided by the federal Homestead Act of 1862) an area of public land in the West (usually 160 acres) granted to any US citizen willing to settle on and farm the land for at least five years.
Under the 1868 treaty Indians were permitted to claim 160-acre homesteads on public lands.
(in southern Africa) a hut or cluster of huts occupied by one family or clan, standing alone or as part of a traditional African village.
And, likewise, tourists flying into Ondangwa and Oshakati are fascinated by the intricate patterned landscape of the traditional Owambo homesteads , for example.
имя существительное
an agricultural and suburban city in southeastern Florida, southwest of Miami; population 57,936 (est. 2008).
The Meneghan homestead had been the family base for more than 50 years.
Eventually the homestead was completely renovated.
One of these was built at Edeowie, some distance from the station homestead .
On any of these roads I have mentioned, you only need to be about 5 km away from the main road, or from the river, then you are in the bush with only the odd homestead or village here and there.
The key points are the following: the new homestead consists of a farm, and a farmhouse, in poor order, in a particularly bleak and nasty corner of northern Scotland.
By 1851, he had hundreds of hives set up near his Coolangatta homestead , and had them supervised and operated by a young Aboriginal beekeeper.
When my wife, Nancy, and I started planning our dream homestead in 1998, our first thought was that our house needed to be far more than a shelter.
A typical homestead includes a main house with several related structures for various functions.
All spent idyllic summers visiting their widowed grandmother, Emma Darwin, at Down House, the old homestead in the Kent countryside.
The homestead is now an impressive piece of architecture, combining the old with the new in a typically Australian style.