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homespun / домотканый, грубый, простой
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, homespun
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, homespun
имя существительное
домотканая материя
имя прилагательное
simple and unsophisticated.
homespun philosophy
(of cloth or yarn) made or spun at home.
Both male and female folk costumes made of homespun cloth and sheepskin were multi-colored and featured intricate embroidery.
имя существительное
coarse handwoven cloth.
clad in homespun
‘Oh, I was selling some of my homespun yarn to the tailor,’ Emily replied.
Only on isolated frontiers might homespun fabrics still be found; only among urban elites did imported textiles have a substantial market.
Good homespun clothes… these should disguise you well enough.
On embarking for the court, Joan traded her red gown of peasant homespun for elite male garb.
His mother had spun and woven flax and wool; his father had operated a wool-carding mill and a shop for pressing and dyeing homespun cloth.
Its origin can be traced to the Indus Valley civilisation when the people used homespun cotton for weaving.
Already famous as the inventor of the lightning conductor, his homespun philosophizing and simple style charmed the world of the Court and the intellectual salons alike.
‘Do not trust homespun remedies,’ she added as a warning.
New employees are given a little book that combines Woodroffe's story with his homespun philosophy of success.
This is not some homespun philosophy to make us all feel better.