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homeroom / руководительница
имя существительное
a classroom in which a group of students assembles daily with the same teacher before dispersing to other classes.
Students are assigned to homerooms and move from class to class.
Mrs Watson gets to her feet and walks us back to our homeroom , which is empty because everyone has gone to class.
At least by the first morning I'd figured out how to get from my homeroom to the library via one of my classrooms.
She already knew her friend Andy was in her classes, and he was in her homeroom , too.
I followed her through a vast foyer and into a den the size of my entire homeroom .
We parted ways as we got to school as he headed for his homeroom and I to the usual morning meeting spot.
Luckily for Julia, as she entered her homeroom , her tutor was nowhere to be found.
I was lucky enough to have Mandy in my homeroom , that way I had every single class with her.
The good thing about being a junior was that my homeroom was on the second floor.
Though we were in the same homeroom , also some same classes, we never waited for each other.
Unfortunately for me, he's in my homeroom and some of my classes as well.