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homely / уютный, домашний, невзрачный
имя прилагательное
cozy, comfortable, snug, homely, comfy, homelike
home, domestic, household, pet, homely, homey
homely, nondescript, plain, insignificant, poor, unpresentable
homely, plain, graceless, uncomely, unshapely, shabby
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, homely
имя прилагательное
(of a person) unattractive in appearance.
At first glance, it would seem that the decision to cast the luminous Greta Garbo as the homely Christina is Hollywood historical revisionism at its most overt.
(of a place or surroundings) simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one's own home.
a modern hotel with a homely atmosphere
Not for the first time, I wished I was homely and forgettable.
The family quiz show that was being aired by Asianet had been one of those homely shows which had found favour with family audiences.
She was angered at the balance the homely girl displayed.
There's a warm and homely atmosphere to go with the fare of traditional country cooking and game.
She felt a sense of pride in the homely environment she had created.
Mary was blessed with a natural and homely disposition.
An older, very homely woman answered and let him in.
She is the kind of homely , unassuming woman you would pass in the street.
Proper linen napkins were teamed with mismatched cutlery and homely plates, adding to the unpretentious but stylish character of the place.
People didn't look at you that way if they thought you were plain and homely .