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homeland / родина, отечество
имя существительное
home, homeland, country, birthplace, motherland, native land
fatherland, country, homeland, native land
имя существительное
a person's or a people's native land.
I could finally go back to my homeland
he left his homeland to settle in London
The Arctic is now a resource frontier for the global economy as well as a homeland for its indigenous peoples.
the group is fighting for a separate homeland
This communication was accepted by the Jewish community as Great Britain's support for a Jewish homeland .
The rebels had been fighting since 1983 for a separate homeland in the country's north and east.
He resisted communist rule in his homeland , reached out to other faiths, and traveled widely across the world.
He fails to provide his readers with some important concepts that could help inform the homeland security policy debate.
He was banned for a year for his action and became a national hero in his homeland .
The Kurds are the largest single ethnic group without a national homeland .
All these steps to protect the homeland have made us safer but we're not yet safe.