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homecoming / возвращение домой, возвращение на родину, возвращение
имя существительное
возвращение домой
homecoming, homing
возвращение на родину
homecoming, repatriation
return, retrieval, comeback, restitution, repatriation, homecoming
ежегодная встреча выпускников
имя существительное
an instance of returning home.
This is the homecoming , the return of the prodigal sons to the family fold.
Hear what Australia's most senior Catholic priest had to say upon his homecoming to Ballarat.
Also this week everyone gets to chose the homecoming Queen and her court.
Plan for good cheer and great food that will make this a homecoming to remember for years to come.
she spent most of the day preparing for her husband's homecoming
She received a huge homecoming on her return to Bradford and had lived and worked in the city ever since.
He dated the girl who was picked as homecoming queen his junior year in high school.
Julie and Jamie are preparing for the homecoming of Marcus's twin brother, Steven, who is now just over four weeks old.
Let's go shopping after school, homecoming is only a week and a half away.
It was going to be one big weekend festival, ending at the homecoming dance on Saturday.
All homecoming candidates got to skip fifth period to go to the locker rooms and get ready.