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home / дома, домой, в цель
home, at home, in, within doors
home, homeward, homewards
в цель
имя существительное
house, home, dwelling, door, premises, crib
housing, home, dwelling, house, habitation, abode
home, homeland, country, birthplace, motherland, native land
имя прилагательное
home, domestic, household, pet, homely, homey
native, home, own, dear, vernacular, darling
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, home
возвращаться домой
live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, home
направлять домой
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the place where one lives.
I don't have your home address
(of a sports team or player) belonging to the country or locality in which a sporting event takes place.
the home team
denoting the administrative center of an organization.
the company has moved its home office
to or at the place where one lives.
what time did he get home last night?
имя существительное
the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
I was nineteen when I left home and went to college
an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.
an old people's home
the goal or end point.
After kicking 300m from home to beat Garcia in 7:40.97 seconds, Gebrselassie admitted the fast pace had been a challenge.
(of an animal) return by instinct to its territory after leaving it.
a dozen geese homing to their summer nesting grounds
move or be aimed toward (a target or destination) with great accuracy.
more than 100 missiles were launched, homing in on radar emissions
You could pledge to change to energy-saving light bulbs or household appliances in your home .
Estate agents told the Saturday Dispatch most home buyers did not look properly through houses they intended to buy.
Time Computers has followed Tiny Computers into the digital home entertainment field.
home address
Changes in the home market with the decline of deep coal mining put the final nails in the factory's coffin.
Andy Bowness added the conversion to give the home side a four point lead.
Holding back two defenders, he slid the ball to Rooney, who romped the ball home from 16 yards.
Williams clears the rest of the colours to edge home and now needs only two frames for victory.
The odds are that, whoever romps home to victory, there'll be plenty of laughs along the way.
I grew up in a loving home