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homage / уважение, почтение, принесение феодальной присяги
имя существительное
respect, consideration, esteem, regard, honor, homage
reverence, respect, respects, honor, esteem, homage
принесение феодальной присяги
имя существительное
special honor or respect shown publicly.
they paid homage to the local boy who became president
Balliol therefore had to perform homage and fealty to Edward before his enthronement.
The Scottish king submitted completely, offering liege homage and a 15,000 mark fine.
The Bishop of Carlisle put his hand to the Queen's hand and did homage first.
This is a film that pays homage to Bond's history without taking itself too seriously.
a man doing homage to his personal lord
many villagers come here to pay homage to the Virgin
It was the homage of the new dynasty to the name and influence of the greatest general of his time.
Daniel's films were a homage to her
Arthur duly did Philip homage and in July he invaded Poitou while Philip attacked Normandy.
a man doing homage to his personal lord