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holocaust / всесожжение, уничтожение, истребление
имя существительное
burnt offering, holocaust
destruction, annihilation, extermination, abolition, eradication, holocaust
extermination, annihilation, extirpation, holocaust
massacre, slaughterhouse, butchery, shambles, bloodbath, holocaust
massacre, slaughter, carnage, butchery, bloodbath, holocaust
имя существительное
destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.
a nuclear holocaust
a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar.
In open sacrifice, the smoke of their holocaust at the temple is sent aloft with an unspoken prayer to the old gods.
And survivors of the Rwandan genocide and the holocaust work to keep the memories of their relatives alive.
This is a racist holocaust , where people are targeted for slaughter because of their ethnicity - yet many people deny this basic truth.
I felt like one of the survivors after a nuclear holocaust .
Most of us have long forgotten the dread of nuclear holocaust that seemed almost inevitable prior to the fall of the Soviet Union.
the threat of imminent holocaust
It was a real possibility that the entire world would end in a nuclear holocaust .
For Antarctic mammals it was to be a holocaust ; so many were slaughtered that by the 1830s there was virtually nothing left to kill.
Up to one million of the country's seven million people were slaughtered in a week-long holocaust .
The Cold War bred a generation obsessed with fear and concern about imminent nuclear holocaust .
When this song was written, people till saw the threat of nuclear holocaust as a very real thing and the lyrics describe the moment that the first bomb goes off.