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holly / падуб, остролист
имя существительное
holly, ilex
имя существительное
a widely distributed shrub, typically having prickly dark green leaves, small white flowers, and red berries. There are several deciduous species of holly but the evergreen hollies are more typical and familiar.
Both deciduous and evergreen hollies are much loved for their berries, which range in color from orange and red to yellow and black.
For some, only the simple elegance of the holly and the ivy will do.
From this we get the traditions of Christmas trees, more feasting, hanging up mistletoe and holly and the yule log.
A craft fair ensured many hand-made Christmas gifts were for sale and people were also able to order Christmas trees and holly wreaths.
Sprigs of holly and Christmas trees which have seen several winters are dusted out and they decorate the lobbies again.
The holly 's convex, glossy leaves contrast nicely with the Korean boxwood's flat, oval, lighter green leaves.
The dining room area was tastefully decorated with seasonal holly and candles and a sumptuous meal of turkey, ham, vegetables and cakes and deserts were served.
We bought what appeared to be a healthy holly tree, planted it in a large pot and placed it on our patio.
Every garden should have holly with berries for Christmas.
Dress it up with some holly to make a great alternative to the ubiquitous Christmas log.
There is nothing like a sprig of holly laden with scarlet berries to bring festive cheer at this time of the year