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holler / кричать, окликать, вопить
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, clamor
hail, holler, call, challenge, speak, hallo
yell, scream, cry, wail, shriek, holler
scream, give a cry, holler, yaup, yawp, yip
make noise, noise, bluster, sound off, din, holler
имя существительное
cry, shout, crying, call, outcry, holler
(of a person) give a loud shout or cry.
he hollers when he wants feeding
имя существительное
a loud cry or shout.
They make odd squeaky noises and suddenly explode in girlful shouts, screams and hollers of exuberance shattering the perfect calm of a quiet summer night.
After nearly twenty minutes of this pointless and boring (and, in some cases, untruthful) jabber, the coach blew four quick whistle blasts and gave a long, loud holler .
So we pound our stake in the ground of the side we've chosen, put out our sign and shout and holler with the rest.
‘Come on down,’ he all but hollers , ‘the price is wrong!’
Choruses of whoops and hollers rippled across the crowd, starting with one person or one group and quickly spreading out to the thousands that packed the streets farther than the eye could see.
He walked slowly to the baseline to begin the match as the crowd cheered and hollered .
Already shouts were going up along the wall, guards hollering at each other that there was a fire.
The stands were all packed with people and everyone was screaming and hollering .
Shouting, whooping, hollering , and shooting into the air, they raced toward the ranch.
The venue absolutely erupts - hands in the air, whoops and whistles and hollers and general mentalism.
We alternated between hollering at him and repeating everything five times.