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holiness / святость, благочестие, праведность
имя существительное
holiness, sanctity, sacredness, sainthood, saintliness
piety, godliness, holiness, piousness
righteousness, holiness, saintliness
имя существительное
the state of being holy.
a life of holiness and total devotion to God
Rooted in the holiness tradition of Moses, the religious leaders regard the law as central to Israel's culture.
These people knew the holiness code cover to cover and could quote you chapter and verse.
Essential to our growth in the knowledge of what God intends for us is our ongoing progress in holiness .
The Scriptures teach righteousness and holiness of conduct.
It was only when Meyer reconciled these elements within himself that he could carry out his ministry as a holiness teacher.
We too may come to a similar point of recognizing God's holiness and our own sins.
He was deeply conscious, after his own holiness experience, of his place within the movement.
A religious Jew tries to bring holiness into everything they do, by doing it as an act that praises God, and honours everything God has done.
At death I will experience for the first time perfect and glorious holiness .
According to Jesus' interpretation of the law, God's chief attribute is mercy, not holiness .