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holiday / праздник, отпуск, каникулы
имя существительное
holiday, feast, fiesta, fete, rejoicing, high day
holiday, leave, vacation, furlough, temper
vacation, holidays, holiday, recess
выходной день
day off, holiday, day of rest
день отдыха
day of rest, holiday, rest-day
имя прилагательное
festive, holiday, celebratory, gala, festival, festal
holiday, recessional, vacation
rest, relax, vacation, holiday, repose, take a rest
проводить отпуск
имя существительное
a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.
December 25 is an official public holiday
spend a holiday in a specified place.
he is holidaying in Italy
we rented a holiday cottage
After all, no tourists ever went on holiday to this barren spot!
They set a tranquil holiday atmosphere which is just what is needed for strollers wanting a glimpse of the sea and to smell the salt.
The day has been declared an official holiday and is celebrated in all parts of Bulgaria.
She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around Thailand for the month I was on holiday .
The appeal has come from the local St. Patrick's Day Parade organisers who want the town to take on a festive and holiday atmosphere for the weekend.
she was on a week's holiday
On the Monday the country enjoyed a public holiday to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.
The holiday club runs from 8am to 6pm every weekday during school holidays, except Bank Holidays and Christmas.
Fred was on holiday in Spain