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hole / отверстие, дыра, дырка
имя существительное
hole, opening, port, aperture, orifice, slot
hole, rent, tear, dump, hollow, bore
hole, potato
pit, hole, hollow, yawner
well, hole, bore, chink, slit, ear
hole, make a hole in
загнать в нору
загнать в лунку
hole, bunker
hole, make a hole in, honeycomb
hole, gore, chime
имя существительное
a hollow place in a solid body or surface.
he dug out a small hole in the snow
a small or unpleasant place.
she had wasted a whole lifetime in this hole of a town
make a hole or holes in.
a fuel tank was holed by the attack and a fire started
hit (the ball) so that it falls into a hole.
alternate shots from each partner until the ball is holed
(of a person or treatment) cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.
his concern is to heal sick people
Instead of trying to just hit the green, you're trying to get the ball close to the hole .
The cheapest and most ecologically sound way to build a swimming pool is simply to hollow a hole in the ground.
Transplant the seedlings in the normal manner by making a small hole through the surface mulch/manure and plant them into it.
Unfortunately, the Dingle man managed to get his ball just nine metres from the hole but it was a very credible attempt for someone unused to the tee.
You have no rights, only criminals and important people have rights in this hole of a country.
there's a hole in your sock
For instance there were certain stones to be found in fields or graveyards with a hole or hollow which at times was full of water.
This attack only managed to hole her above the waterline and set her alight.
get yourself out of a hole
As a result, they hit it, and the ball breaks across the hole and below it, and it never has a chance to go in.