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holdout / протягивать, дотягивать, выдерживать
extend, stretch out, hold out, reach, outstretch, hold forth
hold out, haul
withstand, stand, survive, support, sustain, bear
держаться до конца
hold out, hold on to the last
stand, hold out, remain standing
имя существительное
an act of resisting something or refusing to accept what is offered.
a defiant holdout against a commercial culture
After first-round draft pick Sylvester Morris ended a 20-day holdout by signing a seven-year deal, the team didn't want to waste any time getting him on the field.
The most notorious and outspoken holdout , however, has been the United States.
A prolonged contract holdout cost him most of last season, but he has made up for lost time in '03.
a defiant holdout against a commercial culture
But politics notwithstanding, Hollywood, in particular, is often portrayed as the last great liberal holdout in California.
So here we are, in the middle of what could be a very long holdout .
So if all the studios but one want to give the union a better offer, that one holdout can add weeks or months to an impasse.
The problem is that in theory, in any given situation when someone refuses to sell we can't tell whether it is because of strategic holdout or subjective value.
. Pollack has the talent and charisma to eventually become the leader of the defense, but his 20-day holdout set him back.
Simon's holdout was bitter, but the change has been good for him, except for the injuries he suffered through.