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holding / удерживание, владение, закрепление
имя существительное
holding, retention, hold, refraining
possession, ownership, hold, domain, tenure, holding
fixing, fixation, anchorage, holding
property, estate, possessions, asset, goods, holding
участок земли
plot, parcel, ground, lot, grounds, holding
имя существительное
an area of land held by lease.
He stated he had approximately 180 acres of his own land but also had rented other holdings throughout the area.
stocks, property, and other financial assets in someone's possession.
commercial property holdings
grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands.
she was holding a brown leather suitcase
keep or detain (someone).
the police were holding him on a murder charge
remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way.
the boat's anchor would not hold
contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount).
the tank held twenty-four gallons
have in one's possession.
the managing director still holds fifty shares in the company
This loss would be minimal in the context of the area of good quality of land within the holding , however, and the development is required for agriculture.
For the purposes of the permitting arrangements, a holding includes all land parcels declared for area aid purposes.
It is encouraging to see someone moving on to an agricultural holding rather than moving off it.
they were preparing for the holding of an election
At that point, they would be gaining from their stock holdings , but the fund would be paying lower Social Security benefits.
That has put a big dent in the value of their stock holdings , generally 60% or more of their total assets.
If you live near a large medical library with vast holdings , you may be able to find and read clinical research studies, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews.
This has resulted in the library holdings on Canada rising to over 20000 books, journals, manuscripts, paintings and maps.
In addition, investing in these bonds may help to diversify your fixed-income holdings .
Later, I again heard him speak at the Huntington Library at a special showing of Huntington holdings of books and manuscripts related to the California gold rush.