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holder / держатель, владелец, обладатель
имя существительное
holder, carrier, adapter, keeper, stocker, adaptor
owner, holder, master, proprietor, possessor, wearer
holder, possessor
cartridge, patron, collet, holder, socket, round
cage, holder, yoke, hoop, girdle, fork
имя существительное
a device or implement for holding something.
the cord retracts easily into its holder
a person who holds something.
US passport holders
a smallholder.
On Monday two main contenders for the land were soon identified - the current holder Willy and another farmer, David Charnley.
When a refund cheque is presented to a bank, the bank will cross-check the name and identity details of the payee on the cheque against the bank's own record on the account holder .
‘It'll be a very hard record to break,’ said the holder of the European record of 6.46.
It was famed gossip columnist, wearing a bright red evening gown, smoking a cigarette in a holder and sitting behind a long metal table.
The women had a silk scarf wrapped around her head, and smoked a cigarette out of a cigarette holder .
It will be most unfortunate and could signal the end of Lara's career at a time when he is poised to become the holder of the record for the most runs by a batsman in Test cricket.
Gillian is now the holder of two world records having set a new record in the outdoor 5000m in Dublin last summer.
His sporting heroes are Paula Radcliffe and World Record 200 metres holder Michael Johnston.
Her habit of smoking cigarettes through a long holder - sometimes as many as 60 a day - became her trademark.
Whether Scotland's record cap holder remains at the helm through these challenges will become clearer during the week.
Badenhorst is three-times World Powerlifting champion and holder of the record for the World Mighty Man.