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hokum / жульничество, обман, дешевая эффектная сцена
имя существительное
fraud, deception, imposture, hokum, con, roguery
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, hokum
дешевая эффектная сцена
имя существительное
they dismissed such corporate homilies as boardroom hokum
But it's nicely shot hokum , and almost instantly forgettable.
This sounds like hokum , but it helped my cat immeasurably (by reducing his stress I suppose).
Hence the tired refrain about what they did is a load of emotional hokum - argument by outrage.
Despite the laborious backstory and mood lighting, the movie is chock full of standard comic book hokum .
All the press stories about this topic are just hokum .
If you're a nightly news devotee, then the 30-second hokum that often passes for nutrition science may confuse you at the very least or derail your long-term health at worst.
There's too much of this kind of prima-donna diving going on in football already and to see a player of Kelly's outstanding calibre resort to that kind of hokum is as disappointing as it is pathetic.
Looking at the film now, it works beautifully as pure family entertainment, heavy on the sarcastic wit and full of unadulterated corn, cheese and hokum , especially in the final family group-hug scene.
If hokum like that can find its way into the final film, why not some more over-the-top musical numbers?
But I would say this whole hokum about these missile agreements, these negotiations, has now broken into a total farce.