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hoity-toity / надменность, высокомерие
имя существительное
arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur, disdain, superciliousness, hoity-toity
arrogance, hubris, haughtiness, arrogancy, hauteur, hoity-toity
имя прилагательное
haughty, arrogant, proud, supercilious, cavalier, hoity-toity
playful, frisky, coquettish, skittish, coltish, hoity-toity
touchy, resentful, techy, sensitive, quick to take offense, hoity-toity
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, hoity-toity
frolic, frisky, frolicsome, wanton, jiggish, hoity-toity
имя прилагательное
haughty; snobbish.
the moneyed, hoity-toity inhabitants of the island
All those Visa bills and other credit card bills are keeping these hoity-toity stores in business, obviously.
That Russian spokesperson was a bit hoity-toity , wasn't she?
The road would through a sixties/seventies section of hoity-toity Edina, the rich neighborhood of Minneapolis' postwar ascendant period.
Of course, one event can only do so much, and for Toronto, there's still lots of room to reach more people who don't necessarily go in for hoity-toity fashion events.
I'd forgotten that I lived in a hoity-toity school district where kids driving thirty-thousand dollar cars were the rule.
She was a hoity-toity type who never lifted a finger to earn her keep and was only good at spending her daddy's money.
I do not know why people think I am hoity-toity or a snob!
She'd then hire a limo and tell us that she would meet us at whatever hoity-toity expensive restaurant my dad had chosen to take us to dinner at.
She's not a hoity-toity legal type, but very ordinary and down-to-earth.
A girl from highschool was there with some of her hoity-toity friends, who I didn't know.