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hoist / лебедка, подъемник, подъем
имя существительное
winch, windlass, hoist, crab, jenny, gig
lift, elevator, hoist, ram, jack
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, hoist
elevator, lift, hoist
raise, lift, rise, elevation, rising, hoist
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, hoist
throw out, chuck out, hoist, miscarry
имя существительное
an act of raising or lifting something.
Instead, Dick persuaded Fritz to sail to the next platform and ask the crane driver to give them a hoist into the water.
the part of a flag nearest the staff; the vertical dimension of a flag.
Visibility was always the main drawback to this medium, accentuated when steam propulsion permitted ships to ignore wind direction so that flag hoists might be end-on to those supposed to read them.
a group of flags raised as a signal.
In addition, flag hoists and flashing light signals were sent to try and get the ship to halt.
raise (something) by means of ropes and pulleys.
high overhead great cranes hoisted girders
He ordered him and another sailor to hoist the American flag.
The disused temporary school building has already been brought from Bridlington to York, and leaders are preparing to bring in engineers and a crane to hoist the four-part structure into place.
As though to help answer his query a breeze took the flag and Armand was surprised to see it was the Canadian coat-of-arms with union jack at the hoist , the flag of that country at the time.
With no side access to the property, a crane was used to hoist sections of the framework over the shell and into the patio, which was used as a staging area for the assembly and installation.
The highest cabins will require an extension to the present crane to hoist them to Deck 12.
The Union Flag occupies the upper, hoist quarter of an otherwise red flag and the Arms are within the red field.
I have four visits a day, two carers at a time, as the only way they can move me is by using a hoist .
To get started, you'll hoist your pack and hike toward the Root Glacier.
The giant bagel weighed 394 kilograms, measured 1.8 metres in diameter and required a small crane to hoist it out of its custom-built oven.
The vet said the best way to help him is to use an industrial winch - like the ones used to hoist engines from cars - to stand the eight-stone pig upright.