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hog / свинья, боров, скупердяй
имя существительное
pig, swine, hog, sow
hog, boar, uptake
hog, meanie
годовалый бычок
curvature, distortion, contortion, deformation, twist, hog
выгибать спину
выгибаться дугой
коротко подстригать
hog, crop
прибрать к рукам
имя существительное
a domesticated pig, especially one over 120 pounds (54 kg) and reared for slaughter.
Half of the remaining 1.4% of the value of poultry products comes from farms that specialize in hogs and pigs, and the rest from general crop and/or livestock farms.
a large, heavy motorcycle, in particular a Harley Davidson.
He and Marvin had had a long conversation last night about motorcycles and he was probably going to claim the hog as his own.
a young sheep before the first shearing.
On Tuesday, March 26, we shall reopen the sheep market alone for the sale of spring lambs, hoggs and cull ewes by auction.
keep or use all of (something) for oneself in an unfair or selfish way.
he never hogged the limelight
(with reference to a ship) bend or become bent convex upward along its length as a result either of the hull being supported in the middle and not at the ends (as in a heavy sea) or the vessel's being loaded more heavily at the ends.
At a certain lodge in East Africa for example, a little girl was seen leaning out of a window, trying to touch a giant forest hog , a large wild pig the size of a donkey, with a reputation of ripping hunters and their dogs with fearsome tusks.
Others will selfishly hog a space all day and not give fellow drivers a fair chance to park conveniently.
He and Marvin had had a long conversation last night about motorcycles and he was probably going to claim the hog as his own.
Our King was, in a simple statement, a greedy, power-hungry covetous hog .
He makes no attempt to hog the limelight, but even among a strong team of actors there's no question who's the most gifted performer.
In the wild, the pygmy hog lives in small family groups of about four to five individuals, comprised of one or more adult females and accompanying juveniles, and occasionally an adult male.
‘Leave it to my sister to hog all the attention at my party,’ Rachel sighed.
Not only do they hog the best table all evening, but for some odd reason customers seem to gravitate to tables far away from the throne.
Never one to hog the limelight or to go in search of the headlines, he did Trojan work for people in a quiet and unobtrusive way.
The winner is undefeated after three outings and is sure to hog the limelight in the coming months.