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hoe / мотыжить, разрыхлять, опалывать мотыгой
hoe, spud
loosen, hoe, pick, mellow, pick up
опалывать мотыгой
имя существительное
hoe, hack, mattock, spud, hackney, picker
hoe, spud
ladle, scoop, dipper, shovel, trough, hoe
имя существительное
a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding and breaking up soil.
In a sandy field of half-grown cassava plants, a group of 30 farmers were fighting a plague of locusts with long-handled weeding hoes and improvised brushes.
use a hoe to dig (earth) or thin out or dig up (plants).
In the study's first year, wheat plants were hoed out in February to the appropriate winterkill levels.
Winter weeds are wimps, so you can weed with a hoe instead of a spade.
The circular shape of the hoe allows you to pull it through the soil toward you, leaving sliced weeds in its wake.
They hoe , plant, and weed, and harvest the crops.
A hoe is another fine tool no garden - or gardener - should be without.
We were able to rotary hoe the corn on time and that has helped with the first flush of weeds.
They then hoe the ground in patches at a prescribed spacing and broad-cast the seed collected from other forests to ensure natural regeneration to a desired extent.
Things you need are a soaker hose, a hoe , fertilizer, seeds, and gardening gloves.
The garden hoe is used for chopping weeds so they don't grow back and for spreading soil in the garden.
To supplement the farm income, Dad would go out and hoe beets for neighboring beet producers.
The idea is that after harvesting you will not need to plough or hoe the land for the new planting season.