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hock / заклад, поджилки, рейнвейн
имя существительное
mortgage, pawn, hock, pledge, stake, soak
hamstring, hock, hough
Rhine wine, hock, Rhenish
hock, cammock, cambock
коленное сухожилие
hock, hough
pledge, mortgage, pawn, lay down, found, hock
подрезать поджилки
hamstring, hough, hock
имя существительное
the joint in a quadruped's hind leg between the knee and the fetlock, the angle of which points backward.
These diseases can affect the shoulder, elbow, knee, or hock joints in animals.
a knuckle of meat, especially of pork or ham.
If you wish, add the meat from the hock and season with salt and pepper.
a dry white wine from the German Rhineland.
This name being a bit of a tongue twister for the petite bourgeoisie who were immediately attracted to it, the truncated version, hock , became the name for every wine from the Rhine.
In 1898, U.S. Open champion Fred Herd, a renowned boozer, was asked to leave a deposit on the championship cup, because officials were afraid he'd hock it.
The six-year-old, below, has strained a hock and, while O'Brien says the injury is only slight, he adds that the gelding will probably be left for the rest of the season.
And everywhere, stores seem to be offering items that help us connect to other worlds without having to hock grandma's silver.
Use a smoked gammon knuckle, smoked ham hock or whatever smoked bacon bones you can find - or talk your butcher into selling you the ham bone when they get to the end of carving off the meat.
You put your thumb on its hock and bend its leg backward until it's hyper-extended, while you close your hand around its leg at the thigh.
No longer do you have to hock your car, mortgage your house and sell your firstborn child just to afford your supplements.
Remove the ham hock , de-bone, dice, and add to the base.
I had the black bean soup with smoked ham hock .
The head of a boisterous party of ex-public schoolboys calls over the waiter and asks for a bottle of hock .
Remove the ham hock , and slice off meat from the bone.