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hobnob / водиться, якшаться, общаться
deal, socialize, associate, converse, commune, hobnob
водить дружбу
пить вместе
имя существительное
дружеская беседа
hobnob, visit
revels, revelry, carousal, junket, buster, hobnob
mix socially, especially with those of higher social status.
a select few who hobnob with the biggest celebrities the country has to offer
The speeches are on TV, and while it's nice to hobnob with your political heroes, what does it really bring to the table.
A president who used VIP status to hobnob with movie stars would be laughed out of office.
He can't sit still, flitting from place to place around the globe to make speeches and hobnob with celebrities.
a select few who hobnob with the biggest celebrities the country has to offer
He drove a company Jaguar, had a $10,000 stereo system in his office and jetted around the region to hobnob with recording stars and entertainment executives.
Lately for me, it's been all about hobnobbing with former stars.
If you think being a Rock and Roll photographer involves hobnobbing with the rich and famous, spending afternoons sailing and meeting musicians most people only dream of - then you're right.
But living in the lap of luxury was not a good thing for an artist, although hobnobbing with the movers and shakers she met through her husband had other advantages, such as a number of US commissions that came her way.
With the arrival of the festival, my social profile has improved immeasurably and I have already been to two fun parties where I hobnobbed with actual celebrities while slugging copious quantities of warm white wine.
After a period of voluntary unemployment he finds work at Aldermaston, hobnobbing with geniuses who could blow up the world if they felt so inclined.