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hobble / стреножить, хромать, ковылять
hobble, hopple
limp, hobble, halt, walk with a limp, have a limp, dot and go one
hobble, totter, toddle, stumble along, dodder along, stump
limp, walk with a limp, hobble, hitch
stammer, stumble, falter, stutter, hesitate, hobble
имя существительное
fetters, fetter, hobble, trammels, jess, manacles
прихрамывающая походка
hitch, interruption, holdback, hobble
stumble, hobble
затруднительное положение
predicament, fix, quandary, dilemma, quagmire, hobble
имя существительное
an awkward way of walking, typically due to pain from an injury.
he finished the game almost reduced to a hobble
a rope or strap used for hobbling a horse or other animal.
Soon thereafter ride participants saw her with the short lead rope and hobbles in place, learning a lesson in discipline!
walk in an awkward way, typically because of pain from an injury.
he was hobbling around on crutches
tie or strap together (the legs of a horse or other animal) to prevent it from straying.
He untacked and unloaded the horses, then hobbled them and set them loose to graze.
Many groups have argued that the mandate will hobble people's ability to make fair use of their media.
The other two had some injuries which appeared to be relatively minor, but enough to hobble them just a little bit.
I had a sort of odd hobble going on, I had crutches but it was still really painful.
I could tell by her hobble that she had just put her heels on.
Jim on the other hand; an old man with a greasy beard and a distinct hobble , little self esteem and no home to go to, had no concern for politics.
He walks with a hobble and his wrists are limp, but Yearwood never let his disability stop him from pursuing his dream of being a marathon runner.
I was forced to stop training for shows and I began to hobble instead of walk.
A sprained ankle will hobble him for another few weeks, and be doesn't have the balance or footwork that he used to.
It would hobble the product and hobble the marketing at the same time.
Her foot swelled during the night, making it hard for her to walk, so it was more of a hobble .