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hoax / обман, мистификация, розыгрыш
имя существительное
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, hoax
hoax, mystification, gag, spoof, quiz, chouse
drawing, hoax, spoof, rag, leg-pull, send-up
mystify, bamboozle, spoof, hoax, gag, green
joke, poke fun, banter, chaff, hoax, jolly
play, act out, play off, play up, hoax, josh
имя существительное
a humorous or malicious deception.
they recognized the plan as a hoax
deceive with a hoax.
I now have reason to believe that in unraveling a hoax I was hoaxed myself.
To be more precise, it began with a hoax newspaper story in Chicago.
he was accused of making hoax calls
I know that Ern Malley was not a real person, but a personality invented in order to hoax me.
the evidence had been planted as part of an elaborate hoax
But no accident was discovered and police are treating the incident as a malicious hoax call.
These hoax messages promise free products if the message is forwarded to a certain number of people.
The police say they are following a definite line of inquiry into the hoax call and hope to bring the culprit to justice shortly.
A suspicious device discovered outside the home of a prison officer turned out to be an elaborate hoax .
A hoax bomb, consisting of a plastic bag with wires and batteries taped to it, was found inside the concert hall on the same day.
A funeral urn full of ashes left in a Salford cab may have been part of an elaborate hoax by Irish pranksters.