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hoary / седой, древний, почтенный
имя прилагательное
gray, white, hoary, grizzled, silver, hoar
ancient, pristine, antique, early, venerable, hoary
venerable, respectable, honorable, reverend, elderly, hoary
покрытый белым пушком
покрытый инеем
frosted, hoary
имя прилагательное
grayish white.
hoary cobwebs
old and trite.
that hoary American notion that bigger is better
Ross reported that 136 of 139 stomachs of hoary bats from New Mexico contained moths; flying ants were in 9 bats.
Better late than never’ is one of those hoary aphorisms hauled out by those who prefer soundbites to scrutiny.
Hawaii may have no native terrestrial mammals, but the islands do harbor one native aquatic mammal, the monk seal, and one native flying mammal, the hoary bat.
As the hoary old chestnut goes, we take our freedom for granted.
Already topping hoary hair the man was not someone that attracted attention, nor did he hold the commanding aura that previous councillors of his seat demanded.
The endangered Hawaiian hoary bat also roosts there.
What I guessed to be a hawk's feather hung from the back of his skull, probably tied there by a short leather thong attached to his hoary mane.
Can we just agree on that, and never see these hoary and overused devices again?
Deep within the second month, when hoary frost braces the ground,
Dropping the pencil abruptly, she looks up at her hoary teacher, ‘Ma'am?’