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hive / улей, людской муравейник, рой пчел
имя существительное
hive, beehive
людской муравейник
рой пчел
жить вместе
давать приют
shelter, put up, hive, fix up
сажать в улей
store up, store, stock up, reserve, garner, hive
swarm, hive
имя существительное
a beehive.
In addition, nonhumans would own what they build, such as hives and nests.
a place in which people are busily occupied.
the kitchen became a hive of activity
place (bees) in a hive.
However, in getting the bees hived , one may be charged with trespassing.
Their student unions were a hive of heated political debate and the campaign headquarters for radical plots to change the world.
the kitchen became a hive of activity
the kitchen became a hive of activity
Jakarta's sprawling metropolis has become a close-knit hive of concern.
Whether you have your own hive or you pick up honey in the store, below are some ideas on how you can use this sweetener.
I'm just trying to locate exactly where the hive 's at.
The hum from the hive rises threateningly when it is disturbed.
The bees raise the virgin queens until mature at which time the beekeeper transfers them into a small hive called a nucleus.
The Meeting House, Ballitore, was a hive of industry on Sunday January 25, when our correspondent called.
Wellstone sounded like righteous promise personified - and Minnesota like an idealist hive .