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hitler / гитлер
The streets bustle with armed assault guards and a Hitlerite tenor prevails.
The people said among themselves, ‘We have produced our own Hitlers .’
What I think is important is that there are other possible Hitlers out there.
What right do these tinpot Hitlers have to tell other people what children they can have?
It cannot be established that Hitlerism was the sole cause of the war, and there should be no effort to do this.
‘I have been called a Fascist and almost a Hitlerite ,’ General Dwight Eisenhower, Clark's superior, complained.
The risk is that a celebration of the defeat of Hitlerism might become a celebration of the victory of Stalinism.
That's what the new Hitlers tell us - If you wanna live, better listen to us.
I couldn't resist reading that story in this era of Hitlerian anti-smoking zealotry.
Faced with a sea of little Hitlers , Schulz mutters almost to himself, ‘One Furhrer is enough!’