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hither / сюда
here, hither, this way, hitherward, hitherwards
имя прилагательное
near, neighbor, hither, nigh, neighbour, close-in
расположенный ближе
to or toward this place.
I little knew then that such calamity would summon me hither!
имя прилагательное
situated on this side.
on the hither side of the service road
She says, ‘Come hither’, but when I get hither she is yon.
The driver came hither with the remains of his carriage, which had been upset when the horses ran away.
A disinterested electorate is easily led hither or yon
In her second appearance, on ‘the hither bank,’ the woman is ‘to all important’ a critique often directed at Marsden by her detractors and by Joyce's contemporaries.
She tossed her mane a bit hither and then a bit yonder.
For ye have brought hither these men, which are neither robbers of churches, nor yet blasphemers of your goddess.
Once in the house of custom, on the hither side of the cutting edge, as it were, the scene appears upside down, turned on its head.