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hitch / заминка, помеха, препятствие
имя существительное
hitch, interruption, holdback, hobble
hindrance, noise, obstacle, impediment, nuisance, hitch
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, hitch
delay, setback, retention, lag, retardation, hitch
hitch, dislocation
draw, hitch, trice, hitch up, screw up
hitch, hook
concatenate, interlock, link, couple, interlink, hitch
harness, hitch, gear, gear up, team
подвигать толчками
имя существительное
a temporary interruption or problem.
everything went without a hitch
a knot used for fastening a rope to another rope or something else.
Lash ropes and diamond hitches are untied, the horses unpacked and then hobbled or tethered in the meadow below camp.
an act of hitchhiking.
a period of service.
his 12-year hitch in the navy
move (something) into a different position with a jerk.
she hitched the blanket around him
travel by hitchhiking.
Rural Ireland was recommended as a friendly place for hitching , as was Quebec - ‘if you don't mind being berated for not speaking French’.
fasten or tether with a rope.
he returned to where he had hitched his horse
his 12-year hitch in the navy
Theatre Serendipity's first show of their cross-Canada Fringe-circuit tour didn't exactly go off without a hitch .
It wasn't easy to do, but English class finally started without a hitch and my headache remained in the back corner of my mind.
And while, certainly, they do, many, many more trials go off without a hitch .
Luckily, the surgery was completed without a hitch and the patient was informed of the problem.
Thanks to Maureen Kidd who was responsible for all the arrangements and, in her usual efficient planning, everything went without a hitch .
The wagon was parked directly in front of another car with a towing hitch and a speedboat directly behind it.
Some rear bumpers may come with a built-in step or a trailer hitch that will add more functionality to your Chevrolet pickup or SUV.
I can't always count on my pre-work routine to go off without a hitch .
Headlights, brush guard and trailer hitch without ball are standard features.